Friday, March 18, 2011

Mothers Dream

I decided to start a blog since I know inside me I wanted to share what life is all about. How it changed me to jot down my learnings in my journal, how it gives me joy to see how this borrowed life brought me into.

I know all mothers would dream and dream big. But what makes it challenging is how to dream and live the dream. Do you often find yourself daydreaming? Thinking what life could have been if you were in another shoe? I do! Most of us (even singles!, your right),mothers have that dream, a life full of beautiful things, but I am afraid, we know that its not the case. So what do you do next? Dream and dream big, and make your muscles work to get that dream, and surely, God will not let all your hardwork go in vain. That's how I saw it with my mother!